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On a bed of
Wild Angelica Greens
Sautéed Wild Leeks, Wild Angelica
& Wild Ginger
Les Hook, Wild Gourmet Food.  As Prepared on
Outdoor Journal

8 fresh wild brook trout        
½ cup cattail pollen        
2 wild leeks/ramps, bulb and leaf, coarsely
¼ cup tender leaves and stalks of wild
angelica,  finely chopped        
3 inches of wild ginger root, finely chopped        
1 T of butter        
2 T of olive oil, extra virgin        
salt and pepper, to taste        
1 to 2 cups  of tender leaves wild angelica for

Dredge trout in cattail pollen, inside and out.   

Heat heavy skillet (cast iron), add oil and butter
once skillet is hot.  Place trout, flat on their
bellies, add the remaining ingredients on and
around the trout.  Fry hot, turn when bellies are
crispy golden-brown, repeat on each side.  

Prepare your plates with a bed of tender wild
angelica greens.  Once trout is cooked, lay trout
on bed of greens, placing a small quantity of
cooking greens around them.

Serves 4-8

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Our Outdoor Pantry for VPT Fund Raiser 2007

Our Outdoor Pantry for VPT Fund Raiser 2007