Wild VT Fresh Mushroom CSA

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Wild VT Fresh Mushroom CSA


Fresh wild VT mushrooms of different varieties, 12# total, during their season as they emerge! 

Have you ever wondered which mushrooms were in and which were out but not had the time to go in search?  Or, are you just not entirely certain of the ID?  Let us take the guess work out of the equation and make them available with suggested preparations ideas.  

Enjoy the flavors and the varied uses such as the one featured here, the Flat Top Coral (Clavariadelphus truncatus).  It is known as a dessert mushroom as it has a sweet taste which is delicious poached in pear juice.  

We collect and use only the finest, ethically wildcrafted ingredients.(collected by ourselves). This includes a wide range of unusual and hard-to-locate varieties.  Each wild mushroom will come with the same  Collection Certificate that we use when delivering to our commercial clientele attesting to the Botanical and Common name, date collected, inspected and identified.  Unless otherwise noted, fresh mushrooms when kept in a refrigerator/cooler will keep for 7 days from date of collection. 

We never collect more than we anticipate we will need for ourselves, for market, membership, reserve and for gifting. Therefore, we limit the number of memberships we will accept and keep only a very limited supply on hand from season to season for dehydrating.

Varieties are weather and season dependent. 

Please contact us directly to check for availability.

We look forward to collecting and sharing with you! Nova Kim and Les Hook

(Finalists in the Gallo Family Gold Medal 2008 Awards]

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