Wild VT Mushroom of the Month Club


Wild VT Mushroom of the Month Club



One Year's Subscription includes...A different dried wild VT mushroom shipped directly to your doorstep each month. Species and varieties sent are dependent upon season and availability.

Your mushrooms (suitable for 2-4 servings) will be packed in clear cellophane with a colorful instruction card... with recipe, ID, background info (edible and medicinal), proper handling instructions, and shipped in environmentally friendly cardboard.

Great gift! Specify your recipient and personal greeting and we will do the rest!

If you prefer to specify species/varieties; please choose from the individual offerings. If you do not see what you are looking for there..please feel to contact us directly. We may have them on hand, but in smaller quantities.

Due to the increase in fuel prices involved in the collecting and dehydrating of the mushrooms and the ever increasing postal rates...we apologize for the rate increase, our first since 2001.

There is just the first time shipping fee; the balance are included within the subscription fee.


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