Saturday, October 5th
   8am:  Registration opens - Town Hall
                 Breakfast featuring Smoked Mushroom Gravy and Biscuits

   9am:   MUSHROOM PARADE- Prizes for Best Costumes & Floats
  10:30am:  Choose one:  
                  Field Guides - Recommendations & Comparison - 
                      Learning to Spore Print & Take Notes for Accurate ID
                  Forestry & Mycological Interdependence;
                  Permaculture with a Mycological Twist
                  Selection, Prep & Techniques for Fungus Art - Hands On

   12:30pm:  Lunch featuring everything Mushroom:  Soups, Breads, Fries....

   1:30pm:   Choose one: 
                   From Forest to Table - Demos and Recipes
                    Permaculture with a Mycological Twist;
                   Mushrooms and the Religions of the World;
                    Paper & Dye Making with Mushrooms - Hands On

   3:30pm:   Choose one:
                   Preservation Techniques - Dehydration Tips and Plans
                   Tales of Mushrooms and Their People - 
                        Tales of folks who gather fungi and other wild edibles
                   Selection, Prep & Techniques for Fungus Art - Hands On
   5pm:        Meet the Speakers - Question & Answer Period

   7pm:       THE MUSHROOM BALL - 
                        Dance featuring our local band the "Breakaways" - Admission Fee

October 4th, 5th, 6th, 2002
Albany, Vermont 05820

Festival Schedule